One may ask “why St. Louis?”….out of ALL the young professional cities, why the middle of Missouri? And so here’s to you guys:

I’m 25 years old. I’ve finished Graduate School. I’ve traveled the World. And now? Now I’m supporting myself. In my own house. Two bedrooms, fenced in backyard. I’m on the road to owning it. I’m on the road to buying a new car. I’m on the road to paying off my student loans. And guess what? I still have enough to save AND vacation!

All on my own!

The kicker? I’m literally in the MIDDLE of the city.

This city has everything every other city has: daily activities, a top rated botanical garden, the #1 FREE zoo in the country, well known attractions (uh hello Arch), an awesome Baseball team with a beautiful stadium, TONS of Farmer’s Markets, TRADER JOE’S (shall I say more?), great bars, a foodie town, salsa dancing, a beautiful theater, great concert venues….this list can go on forever. Why does it have a bad reputation? Because it’s not by the ocean?

I am so at peace here. I feel it in every bone in my body. It takes more than just being able to support yourself to find peace, but the fact that I don’t have to stress about supporting myself makes finding peace that much easier.

As I sit here, alone, on a Friday night, with a glass of wine, dancing to Chris Stapleton on the record player with my Silas Monster next to me, I am so happy. I am so at peace.