I’ll start this by putting it out there that my little brother has recently come out as gay to the extended family (obviously I’ve known since he was a small child). These family members did not take it well, during a time when he is facing the world, its my responsibility as his sister to love him unconditionally, support him through anything that may be thrown his way, and as a Christian, not judge (many Christians forget this!! I’ll touch more on this in another article). That should be the role of any family member. Unfortunately, as a lot of the gay community finds, selfish persons will take this as a personal attack on them. 

And so to my immature family member:

My brother is NOT attacking you, he is simply going through a time in the world in which being a young gay man is scary. Forgive him for being on the defenses. Forgive him for not understanding that your conservative posts on Facebook don’t attack him being gay. Forgive him for not understanding that you’re so open to the gay community because YOU HAVE TWO GAY BEST FRIENDS.

What you don’t understand is that you DON’T support the gay community. Your “openness to it” didn’t prevent you from voting for Trump. Your “support” didn’t prevent you from allowing a man who has a personal vendetta against the gay community from coming into power. Just because you have a few gay friends doesn’t mean you support the gay community. You don’t. Because if you did, their rights, their safety, would have come into mind when putting that ballot it. When posting public opinions on your chosen candidate. 

I’m sorry he can’t see past this.

But I can’t either. 

Eventually, he will move on and and sweep it under the rug. Besides, as a gay man he will unfortunately be facing this the rest of his life. But by you personally attacking him for something he did not choose, at a VERY sensitive time in his life….that will stick with him forever.

My little brother being gay was NEVER about you. You butted into something that was never your business. You have deleted my personal family off of Facebook. You have lost all respect from us.

And so I pray for you. I pray for you to find peace. In my young years, I have learned that you worry about your own life and only your life. You do not butt into places you don’t belong. You support those close to you, and always put yourself in their shoes. You think before you speak. And you earn respect, you don’t just get it. I pray for you to not be so selfish, and I pray that you NEVER have to be in a situation like what you put my little brother in last weekend.

My little brother is strong, but that attack would make anyone cry. So please, take your own miserable life somewhere else and leave him alone.

And to my brother:

You are a shining star. You are so much more than “gay”. You are intelligent, you are a beautiful artist, you’re a positive spirit, and a kind heart. If people can’t see that, if they can’t support you for who you are, then you dont need them.

I will ALWAYS be there for you, and at the end of the day, love trumps all.