Alright guys, let’s get real for a minute. We’ve all heard about kegels, those little exercises we do to strengthen our vaginal muscles.

You know, the ones you squeeze mid stream of a pee and make it stop. Or better yet, in the middle of sex to freak your man out (the secretly like it, don’t let them tell you any different).

Well, there’s “toys” that can help you strengthen that muscle. All kinds of different options. Mostly made for new mothers who have lost some of that muscle after birth, but anyone can try them!

I’m naturally pretty tight (thanks genes) but I was interested. And so, I amazoned some simple ones, archived the order so no one would see, and waited for delivery.

These things are WEIRD. Obviously, treat them like your favorite sex toy and keep them clean, but you can leave them in FOREVER and it just stimulates those little muscles and builds them up without you even TRYING (why can’t actual working out be this easy?). 

If you’re feeling really motivated, you can do kegel exercises WITH these in.

Let me tell you, I read a LOT about these. You can buy balls on a string (what I bought), you can buy weights on a string, you can buy metal balls that you put in there (with or without weights). I hear the weighted ones are the best but I’m not quite ready for that, the simple silicone ones are an experience in itself. 

Here’s the ones I bought:
AND THEY WORK. Now I’ve only been intimate with one man in the last {year and a half} but I SWEAR I noticed a difference.

Have you tried them? Let me know your experience! Or just join me on the beginners route and let me know what you think šŸ˜Š