There’s this phenomenon that has been occurring the older I get (keep in mind I’m still on 25) and I’m curious as to if ANYONE else is having this happen to them.

When I was younger, I never had issues finding men to be interested in me. Usually, I was the one breaking hearts. I could go out on a Friday and have 5 guys hooked by Monday, no problem.

Now, that’s impossible! It’s not that I’ve gotten any pickier. It’s not that I’ve gotten more prude (believe me I’ve never been one to get intimate with someone quick). And I don’t think I’m any less beautiful, probably more! 

Here’s what is different:

I’m stronger, I’m more independent, I’m okay with being alone, I drink (way) less, I party less, I dress more conservative, I have higher education (a Master’s), I am well traveled and cultured, I support myself, I have the potential to soon have a great job.

Do men look for women they can “fix”? Or women they can support and take care of? Obviously I’m not either of those things, so that would explain it.

I see girls who are uneducated, still insecure, some have goals to be a trophy wife, some don’t even work…and they get men right and left. They’re not always great men, but when did those qualities become what a man wants? 

Maybe I’ll be single forever. I will NEVER “dumb” myself down to find someone. BUT if I do get married, it will be with a man who is my equal. A man who applauds me for my accomplishments, not one that is intimidated. A man that is secure enough to push me to be more successful, not bring me down. 

My question is: are my observations correct? Are other women (or men) seeing this happen??