If you knew me personally, you would know how I feel about vibes. VERY STRONGLY. If someone gives off bad vibes, I’m out. 

But I’m not just talking about a person’s vibes, you also get vibes from things you surround yourself with.

I like to have Himalayan Salt Lamps (my cat, Harley, also loves them), I like crystals, and diffusers for my essential oils, and BOOKS. Stacks of books. These things are good vibe items to me, and keep me in a good mood. So, I keep all of them laying around.

Everyone has their own good vibe items: maybe it’s your playstation, or your favorite blanket, or your well loved mug. Whatever it is, it’s important. 

I’m not big on inanimate objects being so important, the people I’m with and the experiences are. Hell, I’ve sold everything I owned just to travel Europe for four months. BUT positive vibes are positive vibes, and when I can diffuse my favorite essential oil, curl up in a fluffy blanket, and read a good book…all is well in the world.

Comment with your good vibe items, I would love to hear what you find energizing! ❤