I want to start touching on my Europe Trip I took in 2016. I was gone for almost four months and traveled to 21 countries. I saw, learned, and experienced so much, and can’t wait to plan my next backpacking trip! Any takers as a travel buddy? 

I’ll start with all the places I went, and as I write more, I’ll make posts about individual places filled with the awesome photos I took.

Here’s the list, in order:

  1. Reykjavik, Iceland 
  2. London, England 
  3. Edinburgh, Scotland 
  4. Scottish Highlands 
  5. Isle of Skye, Scotland 
  6. Fort Augustus, Scotland
  7. Dublin, Ireland
  8. Cork, Ireland
  9. Paris, France
  10. Brussels, Belgium
  11. Copenhagen, Denmark 
  12. Stockholm, Sweden
  13. Turku, Finland
  14. Oslo, Norway
  15. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  16. Krakow, Poland
  17. Prague, Czech Republic 
  18. Bratislava, Slovakia
  19. Vienna, Austria
  20. Budapest, Hungary
  21. Zagreb, Croatia
  22. Dubrovnik, Croatia
  23. Munich, Germany 
  24. Venice, Italy 
  25. Rome, Italy
  26. Milan, Italy 
  27. Barcelona, Spain
  28. Lyons, France
  29. Zurich, Switzerland
  30. Heidenheim, Germany
  31. Heilbronn, Germany 
  32. Berlin, Germany 

    The trip was a WHIRLWIND. We took day trips to other beautiful places, but the trip was life changing and I saw more in those few months than some people may see in a lifetime. I learned where I want to return, and where I don’t. I tried more foods than I ever have, and fell in love with all the different cultures.

    But you know the craziest thing that happened?

    I fell out of love with someone, and instead fell back in love with myself.

    This trip changed my life, and I’m ready to share it with you.

    Like I said, I’ll go more and more into depth with some of my stops. If you have ANY questions about the trip, please don’t hestitate to ask! Financial, planning, ANYTHING. I am here to be a resource, I know I would have LOVED to have someone like me to ask questions when planning this trip, so let me help you!

    Love you guys!