In my most recent post, I mentioned what I try to eat for each meal. I’ll try to go more into detail with why I eat those components at different times, but I’ll start with breakfast.

I choose to eat mainly fruit for breakfast because I don’t drink large quantities of caffeine, so the sugar gives me a good kick for the day. I’ve also learned some fruits can be harsh on digestion at night when you sleep, and if you’re like me, can cause acid reflux. I always feel healthy, refreshed, and ready to go when I start out like this.

My go-to is always my yogurt bowls. These are totally easy to make, are delicious (even if you don’t like eating healthy), and can be personalized for each individual.

I start with a base of a Greek yogurt, it gives me a good amount of protein to start my day. I prefer Greek God’s, it’s REALLY creamy and my favorite Greek yogurt out there. I usually use strawberry or vanilla honey. I also create a Acai yogurt using the vanilla honey Greek God’s and a packet of Acai puree from Trader Joe’s  (you’ll learn I’m addicted to TJ’s). This gives you an added kick of antioxidants and it doesn’t even change the flavor of the yogurt!

I follow this up with a small layer of granola, which again usually has a little bit of protein and some carbohydrates to get you going. Everyone has their own granola preferance, you can use your favorite!

I then add AS MUCH FRUIT AS I WANT. Whatever I have. I prefer kiwi (with the skin on for fiber), a banana, clementine oranges, and berry mixtures (blueberries, raspberries, blackberries). It’s really whatever is in season and what is on sale. You can add whatever you like.

I follow up with toppings, I like pumpkin seeds, pomegranate seeds, and Chia seeds, but I’ve made bowls for other people with flax seeds, dried coconut, sunflower seeds…whatever your heart desires!

The most IMPORTANT THING to add though  (or at least I think) is the honey drizzle! I choose raw and local honey to help with allergies, but it’s whatever you have or want. It gives a nice sweetness to the bowl that makes it extra delicious.

You HAVE to try these things. It took me forever for mine to look pretty, they used to be a bowl full of ingredients, so don’t think it’s needs to be perfect. What’s important is to get all the items in there and have a meal full of protein, fiber, and antioxidents. 

Plus it goes great with a Matcha Tea Latte šŸ˜‰

If you have any recommendations on this, or have any questions about products I prefer to use, don’t forget to contact me!

Love you guys! Enjoy ā¤