This comes about because my mom has a certain employee that works under her, and my moms BIGGEST issue with her is she is ALWAYS looking for kudos. Every little thing she does she looks for kudos. A woman making $25/hour needs her supervisor to tell her she’s doing awesome. 

Here’s the thing guys: YOU GET PAID TO DO A JOB.

I have been at the bottom of the food chain in jobs.I have also been mid-level, where I trained and managed. 

When I was entry level, I never expected kudos. Honestly, I avoided anything from my boss. I would rather hear nothing than something, because usually if my boss was confronting me, it was bad.

When I trained, I did try and include positive reinforcement. A lot of people perform better when they’re told they are doing great.

But you should NEVER expect it nor seek it.

When you are given that wonderful little paycheck once or twice a month, that is to remind you you’re doing well at your job, because if you aren’ would be fired. That paycheck IS your kudos. That is your reassurance you’re awesome. 

Your boss is not there to tell you that you are great for every task you do, they pay you to do it. It shouldn’t be acknowledged, you should just do it. Because it’s your job. Because that’s what you are paid to do.

I’m not saying positive reinforcement in a work place is bad, it almost always has positive outcomes, but again…don’t expect it.

I expect it once a year: at my yearly evaluation. When I’m usually given a raise. FOR THE GREAT JOB I’M DOING. 

You may be a great employee, but if you are that insecure that you need someone to tell you how great you are every day, I’m going to let you go. Because someone else knows how to be a good employee.

*rant over*