Recently, a friend shared with me an article about the “three loves” every person has in their lives:

The love that looks right, the love that we wish was right, and the love that feels right.

The first is the love that is idealistic, almost fairytale. For me, it was the one guy who I dated on and off throughout high school and, to be honest, who I run back to after all else fails. He has seen me grow into the person I have become, and we have history I won’t have with anyone else. It’s the love my friends around me think is perfect for me {D}.

The second love is one which is hard, the one you learn all your lessons from. For me, it was an on and off again six year relationship, a man in which I have discussed before. He taught me everything I know about myself, and more importantly, what I deserve out of a relationship. It was the relationship we both kept trying for when we should have given up a long time ago. The love which we wanted so bad, but we had just become too different from the people we started as {R}.

The last love is the love that just feels right. The love we never saw coming, the kind in which you feel a connection that knocks you off your feet because it’s so unexpected. For me, it happened so quick and at what felt like the wrong time, but with time I found it was real. In the article, the author writes “this is the love that keeps knocking on our door regardless of how long it takes us to answer,” and this couldn’t be more true for me {T}.

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