Twenty-five is a really weird age, you’re caught between friends that are married with children, and friends that are still partying like they’re in college. If you’re neither of these things, you feel a little left behind. Especially when you see the best of everyone on social media. But the truth is, you’re not left behind. Everyone’s paths are different, and we all have our own accomplishments. Some people have accomplished having a successful relationship, some have beautiful children, some have higher educations, and others have great careers. Or they have a mix of some of these accomplishments, or none of these at all. And that’s okay too. Unfortunately, the grass always seems greener on the other side, and I’ll even admit I struggle with this a little.

In previous generations, a majority of adults our age were at least married, and definitely had careers started. Our generation though? We’re putting things off, enjoying our youth a little longer. Personally, I chose higher education, and then I chose to travel. I chose to see the world. Do I regret it? Never. Sometimes, I think maybe I could have paid off some student loan debt, or bought a new car, but nothing can take away the experiences I’ve had. You just have to be proud and stay true to your life decisions, even when people are critical and judgmental of them.


We have come so far from our grandparent’s generation. We’re in general more educated, more open-minded, and realize there’s much more to the world than the town we grew up in. Life for us should be about living it the way we want to. We may make mistakes, and we may at times feel like failures (literally me right now), but in the end, we’ve been placed on this path for a reason. Whatever you choose, that’s your choice. Stick to it.

I can mope the rest of my life about the “wrong” decisions I’ve made along my path, or I can choose happiness. I choose happiness. Being 25 isn’t about having your life together, or even knowing what you’re doing next week. Being 25 is about having goals, being able to enjoy your life, and being happy.

The new definition of 25 is happiness.